Become an Ambassador


That's great to hear, as we're looking for individuals like you to join our team! Oz MotoGear is an emerging brand in fashion and protective motorcycle garments. We would be thrilled to make you a partner in our business if you have a solid social media presence. We provide our exclusive partnership or membership to influencers who are active on social media and enthusiastic about promoting our business. We value our brand ambassadors, who can communicate our enthusiasm to our potential customers.


What's in it for me?

In recognition of your support, we will do everything we can to help you become an influential leader in the protective garment industry.

  • Discount for personal orders of additional products
  • Discount codes to share with your fans or followers, and eventually you will get a mutually agreed-upon share on each sale through your code.
  • Special Discount Code For Friends and Family
  • We'll give you the necessary advice and resources for advertising our products.
  • We will provide free advertising materials and other items to use and promote on your social network.
  • More stuff is to come as the company grows and prospers.


    What does it take to become an ambassador?

    • Have a highly engaged social or online following (Minimum 10,000 followers).
    • The ability to create excellent written and visual content (at least half a post every week).
    • Must be willing to submit written and visual content promptly upon receiving a product.
    • We must be able to commit to consistently posting content on social media platforms that makes our products visible.


      Brand Ambassador Responsibilities:

      • Learning about the objectives, vision, and mission of the business
      • Drive traffic and sales to our retail website.
      • Help to increase Instagram Followers' and Facebook Likes'.
      • Collaborating closely with the marketing team to develop marketing strategies and campaigns
      • Spreading knowledge about our products among consumers, merchants, and distributors.
      • Create content for websites and social media to promote brand awareness and attract new clients.
      • Fostering relationships with vendors and customers
      • Following up on customer complaints and reporting them to the marketing division
      • Keeping the brand's reputation in good standing at all times

        We will thoroughly examine your proposal and preferably get back to you within two weeks. We will move forward if our committee determines that you have the potential to join our vision. Good Luck!